Name Meaning

Goodness and generosity. Latin ties it to "God's grace," and Greek mythology to beauty, blossom, and joy. Well-known Graces: Grace Kelly, actress and princess of Monaco; singers Grace Jones and Grace Slick.


English, Irish, Latin


Biblical, Exotic, Virtue, Word, Leaders, Children's books, Elegant, Famous writers, Inventors, Military heroes, Mythology, Short and sweet, Southern, Spiritual, TV shows, Presidents, Wild West, Popular, Pretty




Gracie, Gracelyn

Famous Namesakes

Princess Grace Kelly, Singer Grace Jones

Celebrity Babies

Daughter of Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham, Daughter of Christy Turlington and Edward Burns, Daighter of Meryl Streep, Daighter of Kevin Costner, Daughter of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Daughter of Rupert Murdoch

Popularity in 2019


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