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Are you searching for baby names by meaning? The meanings of baby names can point to a personal quality. Whether you're looking for names that mean flower, names that mean fire, or you simply want to find a list of popular boy names or girl names, BabyNamefor is here to help.

Names That Mean Fire

  • Meaning: Weight, Balance, Fire of Infamy

  • Meaning: Ardent. Variant of Eshne: Little Fire, from Irish Gaelic

  • Meaning: From the Irish 'Aodhnait' Meaning Little Fire

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Names That Mean Love

  • Meaning: Another form of Lucas, meaning "light giving."

  • Meaning: Form of MARGARET. child of light

  • Meaning: The First Appearance of Daylight; Daybreak

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Names That Mean Beautiful

  • Meaning: A short form of Eleanor and Ellen, meaning "light."

  • Meaning: Form of IRVING. Handsome and Fair

  • Meaning: Man loved by Aphrodite, manly beauty

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