Perfect Hipster Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Perfect Hipster Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Hipsters are a group of uniquely cool people who attempt to go against the grain of what’s popular, and their style and attitude could never be labeled as “basic” or “generic.” Want your kids to be in with the cool crowd? Take a look through our ultimate collection of hipster baby names for both boys and girls!

Hipster Baby Names For Girls

Bea - A shortened version of Beatrice, meaning “the bringer of joy.” The nickname stands alone just as well.

Calliope - It may remind you of Grey’s Anatomy. This Greek name, which means “the beautiful voice,” is quite cool.

Rosalee - This hipster name took spot 933 on the SSA’s 2019 list for girls, so you can rest assured your daughter will be the only Rosalee in her class.

Ivy - When you’re looking for something hipster, plant names are always a good choice.

Haisley - Jumping more than 240 spots over the last two years, this cool name may have something to do with a similar celeb’s name you might know and love: Halsey.

Millie - Looking for something a little different than Amelia? Go with Millie instead.

Journi - Journey with an “i.” Just like a certain celebrity baby’s name you may have heard about: Stormi, the daughter of beautiful mogul Kylie Jenner and all-star rapper Travis Scott.

Ophelia - A tragic Shakespearean heroine, Ophelia is quite literary.

Ramona - Meaning “mighty” or “wise,” this is another old name that’s now cool.

Juniper - This plant name is cute and fun, and totally hipster.

Hipster Baby Names For Boys

Matteo - Try this Hebrew name - meaning “the gift of God” - instead of the name Matthew, it’s much cooler.

Atticus - Greek in origin, this name has become synonymous with the character from To Kill A Mockingbird.

Thor - If you’d like your son to be just like the hottest Avenger, just give him this strong name, meaning “the god of thunder.”

Cormac - First name of popular author Cormac McCarthy, this Irish name which means “destroying son,” is growing in popularity.

Waldo - A German name means “the god’s power.” You don’t need to look hard for this hipster name.

Gus - This grandpa’s name can be a nickname, but it stands well on its own.

Sanford - This last name was actually a popular first name in the early 1900s. It comes from the origin of Anglo Saxon, meaning “a crossing.”

Huck - A shortened form of Huckleberry, from the titular Mark Twain novel.

Magnus - This name means “greatest,” as in greatest hipster boy baby name.

Stellan - Scandinavian names are very cool, and this one is no exception.

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