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Noah has dusted off its ancient Biblical cobwebs and emerged a red-hot boy’s name. In case you missed it, in the Old Testament, God chose Noah to build a great ark that kept him, his family, and animals two-by-two alive during the Great Flood. They then repopulated the world. No small feat, right? The name has been around practically forever, but really took off in the mid-90s (perhaps thanks to actor Noah Wyle in the massive hit TV show, ER). And it’s been racing to the top of the boy names charts ever since.




Biblical, Cute, Popular



Famous Namesakes

Actor Noah Wyle

Celebrity Babies

Son of Jason Alexander, Son of Thom Yorke, Son of Chris Daughtry, Son of Alessandra Ambrosio, Daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus

Popularity in 2019


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