Name Meaning

From the Hebrew name Matityahu, meaning "Gift from God." Matthew was one of Jesus's apostles and author of the first Gospel in the New Testament. The name has been popular since the 1960s.


English, Hebrew


Biblical, Exotic, Olympians, Classic, Easter, Explorers, Labor Day, Oscar winners, Saints, Spiritual, Popular




Matt, Mate

Famous Namesakes

Actor Matt Damon, Actor Matthew McConaughey, Actor Matthew Broderick, Musician Matthew Bellamy, Actor Matthew Fox, Actor Matthew Perry ,Athlete Matt Barnes, Actor Matt LeBlanc, Writer and producer Matt Groening, Newscaster Matt Lauer

Celebrity Babies

Son of Elvis Costello, Son of Christopher Reeve, Son of Rob Lowe, Son of Connie Chung and Maury Povich, Son of Ray Romano, Son of Alex Trebek, Son of Matt Lauer

Popularity in 2019


Related Names

Mayhew, Mathew

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