Name Meaning

Franco is the cool older brother of Francis, Frank and Francisco. You know, the guy who went to art school and owns lots of vintage cameras. It’s a modern take on a somewhat outdated name that sounds like the type of guy who’s favorite movies are in black and white.


English, French, German, Teutonic


Exotic, Shakespeare, Surname, Leaders, Basketball stars, Children's books, Classic, Comic books, Elegant, Inventors, Beautiful, Middle




Paquito, Pancho, Paco, Pacho, Franky, Frankie, Feri

Famous Namesakes

Singer Franco de Vita, Athlete Franco Harris, Actor Franco Nero

Celebrity Babies

Paquito, Pancho, Paco, Pacho, Franky, Frankie, Feri

Popularity in 2019


Related Names

Frandscus, Ferke

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